Internet Explorer

type  HTTP://


Use the section link to register for a web page. Read

below before registering.



When Registering, and asked to create the web page or website



It may take a while to give you control again.



Or if you have registered previously use the

Bottom link on the menu to find your name and then view your web page.



Web Pages Instructions:


MY Computer

type  FTP://  in the address bar.

Enter Username and Password   same as school's

This will open your folder on the web server.

this folder is the repository for your web page files.

Use Drag and drop to transfer the files from your local PC to the Web server.

watch (video instructions for details on the operation.)



Internet Explorer

type  HTTP://

Use the bottom link on  the SECTION menu to find your name and then view your web page.

If your name is not there. or you want a link to view your web folder and the webpage USE:





If that does not work see me or the helpdesk in Wilson 101


1.  To create a web page using WORD

1st open word

2nd . add edit document to your liking.

The page should reflect you and your interests.

The page should have:

Text, a background, some graphics, and links (to both at least a second page and another website.)

Save the word file on your desktop and change the file type to a web page with a .htm extension.

On the first page called Index,htm put a hyperlink to a second page like Page2.htm

create a second page using word and it should have

Text , a Background Graphics,  hyperlinks be sure that Page2.htm has a hyperlink that will open the Index.htm file

also in your same web folder. (include hyperlinks to  another websites.)


After you are done creating or editing a page. 

You must name and save the main or 1st page that will be seen when anyone looks at your site as INDEX.HTM other pages can have any name.

Be sure that you change the file type at the bottom of the save as dialog box a to a web page(htm, html). NOT a single file web page(mht....) and NOT a  web page filtered (htm, html).

save it INDEX.HTM to your desktop(or local Folder)

When there are graphics in the file - WORD creates a Contra folder with the same name as the file  such as INDEX_FILES  as the folder for the Index.htm File.


The INDEX.HTM file and the INDEX_FILES folder should now travel as a pair.

create more pages as you choose. save them using any name you want, but be sure that you change the file type to web page (htm, html).  Be sure to remember that when you add graphics the file and folder travel as a pair.



You should have at least 1 or more files and related folders on your desktop.

using MY Computer you should open up the FTP:// folder using your username and password. then put the FTP Folder and contents into a window on your screen, so you can see both the desktop and the FTP folder at the same time.


Highlight the files and folders you created on your desktop and drag them into the FTP Folder. Remember that the files and folders should travel as a pair.


Minimze the FTP folder.

now open the internet explorer Browser and go to  find your name using the menu,  or user name then,  view your web site. it should look like the files on your desktop when they were open.


TO Edit these files later or if your using another computer....

open up the FTP folder in MY Computer .. FTP:// use your username and password.

Drag the files from the FTP folder to Your Desktop. ( be sure you copy the related Folders to the Desktop as well) then using word again (right click on the file on your desktop and go to edit)  Change, add or edit the htm files then save them with the changes on your desktop again. Be sure to exit from word or you will get a permissions error when transferring the files.


Finally: close the Word Program. then drag the files from the desktop back into the FTP Folder, replacing the old files with the newer updated files, and updated related folders and view them  at Http:// again .

 let me know if this helps.