Instructions for installing mIRC onto a WSC network PC.

1, open(double click) My ComputerIcon located on the desktop.

2. open the disk drive named mtsnow J:

3. open the directory(folder) called mIRC

4. open the file named mIRC531t or mIRC531t.exe this is the same file.

5. follow instructions and install the files on the C:\MIRC disk and folder located in your PC.

this will take you thru a few screens and will then end.

6. Open the mIRC32 program or go to START- PROGRAMS-MIRC-MIRC32

7. Click in the middle of the About screen.

8. the next step is to setup mIRC fill out the dialog box with your real name. then your e-mail account. if you don't have an e-mail use "" then make up a nickname this needs to be UNIQUE. so u may have to add a number to your name like mark111 in order to be unique or M_A_R_K untill you get a alternative that is acceptable .... Now if someone else is using this name you will have to create another nickname..... from the menu click on the second icon from the right (the folder) and fill out setup again... till you get a unique name.

9. then click on CONNECT TO IRC SERVER or the first menu icon ( the lightning bolt).

10. you will watch the connection and when it is done it will show the status and will allow you to join a channel... type in MANAGEMENT then click JOIN this will bring you to a confrence channel in which you can type and read .

type hi then enter.. watch what happens.